Implementing Google Suggestions using Ajax in ASP.Net 2.0

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
  • Using Ajax AutoComplete Extender we can Implement google suggestions like Applications.

  • This functionality is very simple, just we have to communicate with Webservice. Where we write the logic retrieve information from the database

  • To Webservice method we have to pass "prefixText" as parameter.

  • To Satrt this Application First we have to take a TextBox and make the TextBox "AutoComplete: option as "off". Ex:
    asp:TextBox ID="txtemp" runat="server" autocomplete="off".

  • Then take a "AutoCompleteExtender" For this use fallowing Properties. Ex:

  • TargetControlID="txtemp"

  • ServicePath="AutoCom.asmx"

  • ServiceMethod="GetEmpnames"

  • MinimumPrefixLength="1"

  • CompletionInterval="1000"

  • EnableCaching="true"

  • Thts it..for Presentation side.

  • Now create a Webservice, with name "AutoCom.asmx". In that one create a method as "GetEmpnames".

  • In this method we have to write the data access logic. here I used Sql Server as Database. Here is my code:

  • public string[] GetEmpnames(string prefixText) {

  • Open connection

  • SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("select EmpName from Tbl_Emp where Empname like '" + prefixText + "%'", con);

  • SqlDataReader dr; dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();

  • List items = new List();

  • while (dr.Read())

  • {

  • items.Add(dr[0].ToString());

  • }

  • return items.ToArray();

  • }

  • Here is the Screenshot:

    Download Code


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