.Net Keyboard Shortcuts

Friday, October 24, 2008

  1. For Uppar Case/Lower Case: Ctrl+SHFT+U/Ctrl+U

  2. To Specify regions and etc: CTRL+K, CTRL+S

  3. Word Wrap: CTRL+E, W

  4. Transpose Line: SHFT+ALT+T

  5. Delete white space: CTRL+K, \

  6. Move to Nav Bar: Ctrl + F2

  7. For Full Screen: Alt + Shift + Enter

  8. For Intellisense: Ctrl + J Or Ctrl + Space

  9. To close the current tab: Ctrl+F4

  10. Expand/collapse definitions : Ctrl+M+M

  11. Used to move pervious position: Ctrl +-

  12. Go to declaration/Find usages: F12

  13. To focus on Solution Explorer: Ctrl + Alt + L

  14. To copy any line in your .Net Editor don’t select complete line, just place the cursor on the line and press ctrl-c and press ctrl-v where ever you want to paste the line.

  15. For Comments: Ctrl – K + C

  16. For Un Comments: Ctrl – K + U

  17. To Format the document: Ctrl-K + D

  18. To Add new items: Ctrl-N or Ctrl-Shift+A

  19. To cut a line you also use: Ctrl-L

  20. To shift between .net editor Pages: Ctrl + Tab

  21. To Format the selection: Ctrl – K + F

  22. To cycle through clipboard "ring": Ctrl+Shift+V

  23. To Add a Book Mark use: Ctrl K + K

  24. To Navigate to new Book Mark: Ctrl K + N

  25. To Clear all book marks : CTRL+B, C


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