New Features of VS2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008
Here are the main features of VS 2008 compare to previous versions like vs2005 and vs2003.
The Main Features are..
  • Dramatically improved HTML designer.
  • Rich CSS support
  • Spilt View Editing
  • CSS Style Manager
  • CSS Properties window
  • CSS source view intelligence
  • Nested Master page support
  • LINQ Support
  • Expression Belnd Support
  • Windows Presentation Foundation
  • VS 2008 Multi-Targeting Support
  • AJAX support for ASP.NET
  • JavaScript Debugging Support
  • LINQ Intellisense and Javascript Intellisense support for silverlight applications
  • Organize Imports or Usings
  • Intellisense Filtering
  • In built Silverlight Library
  • Inbuilt C++ SDK

The details explanation about these features in details with examples you can find in the below links. And here I am providing some useful links so that you can know much details about VS2008.

Hope it will useful for you..!